Fire Escape Socks – Knitting Pattern

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I tend to get inspiration from the world around me, for my designs. When I commuted to work every day in the city, I would get inspired by the people I saw, the buildings, the streets, and the places I would go to. Now every day, all I see is my apartment and sometimes the streets around it when I venture out for a walk. I think a lot of us are having the same experience, and it’s strange. It’s been a year since we had to change basically every aspect of our lives, and here we are.

But that doesn’t mean the city can’t continue to inspire me. Our apartment has big windows in the back where you can see the back of other buildings. And since I moved here I always found fire escapes so interesting looking, they are so quintessential to this city and it’s kind of fun to step out of them as a little terrace when you haven’t got one. Even if really they are there for emergencies. Well this is an emergency isn’t it?

Enjoying the snow on our fire escape


I didn’t use to be a sock knitter. I thought it was a bit repetitive. It was crazy to me to be walking on something I handmade. But that’s all gone now, I’ve started to knit so many socks and I now find it extremely soothing and rewarding. They are also such a great canvas for designing.

So the whole idea was to imitate the fire escapes going down the side of a building, with the lace. The pattern has two lace patterns that repeat several times. They’re fairly simple and by the end of this I had memorized them very easily. The sock is constructed top to bottom, and has a heel flap and a gusset.

There are 3 different sizes for the sock, depending on the width of your foot, they can fit from a teenager to an adult man. The length is customizable.

Sizes (foot circumference)

Size InchesCm
1 (S)820.25
2 (M)922.75
3 (L)1025.5


I reached in my stash for this yarn, and it’s not surprising that I went for Knit Picks. They are my go to brand these days, specially because how easy it is to order and get them pretty quickly right on my door. But even so, I’m trying to be good and buy less yarn. I bought a lot of yarn last year as a coping mechanism for the uncertainty of the pandemic.

For these socks I used Knit Picks Palette, in Lynx Heather. This yarn is 100% Peruvian wool, and it comes in many many colors. It’s not scratchy at all, and it feels very durable, which is perfect for socks. I’ve made sweaters with this fingering yarn before, which is why I had some in my stash!

You will need 260 to 360 yards of fingering weight, so 2 skeins of Palette should be more than enough. If you decide to use different yarn from your stash, I recommend sticking to a solid color for these socks or your lace will be lost in the variegated yarns.

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