Making a Vintage Pinafore Apron

Have you seen on those period dramas or film, how during the day women always wore aprons? Not only working women or those working as servants in big houses (I’m thinking Downton Abbey) but also just regular everyday women. Up to the 1950’s it was pretty normal for a housewife as well as girls. It’s an extra layer of protection for your clothes, specially when you weren’t changing them daily and you had a lot of manual work to do.

Now, I live in a city (duh) not a farm. But knitting, sewing, cooking or even drawing are constants in my life. Baking too, lately. And I recently realized that, specially with staying home all the time (HELLO PANDEMIC) it makes absolute sense to bring back the daily wearing of aprons. And so, I went on a mission to make myself a pinafore apron.

This is the first time I just make up a sewing project as I go. I’m still teaching myself how to sew garments, so I feel very proud about this, mistakes and all.

I recorded a little video so if you want to see what my process was and follow along, you can!

Are there other vintage inspired projects you would like to see?

Published by Magali

I'm a knitter, crocheter, maker, animator, wife. I live in a big messy city and making things has become a passion that brings me to explore it more, meet people who enjoy it too, and have something fun to do while I commute too! I love to share my designs and tutorials to make it easy for more people to join the craft(s).

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