Through the Grapevine Shorts – Knitting Pattern

Inspired by the cherry blossoms down my street in Astoria, with their pink flowers that only last a week, this is a sleeveless top, that can also be worn as a vest, and if knitted with cotton yarn, it’s a great spring and summer garment.

Astoria Top KAL!

*UPDATE* After i finished this KAL, I put together a video tutorial on the Astoria Top. Check it out! Well, these are crazy times. It’s been over a month since my husband and I locked ourselves in our apartment. I remember when back in February, he had started to buy extra canned food “just inContinue reading “Astoria Top KAL!”

Astoria Top – Knitting Pattern

The knitted top search led me to a lot of beautiful tops, but I never felt truly confident that it would fit my body type. Most bralettes are designed with smaller chests in mind, which sometimes have made me sol jealous of cups A and B. But one of the wonderful things about knitting is that you have the power to make things however you want, and to fit you like a glove, provided that you have enough patience.

Stash Buster Headband – Free Knitting Pattern

I love how hairbands are a quick, easy project that you will be wearing all the time. They are super cute and no matter if your hair is long or short, they can keep it in place when you are active, help with a bad hair day, or just to add a cute detail to your outfit. Once you start making hairbands, it’s hard to stop!

Learn How to Knit. Part 3: Binding off a project

If you missed Part 01 on how to cast on stitches and Part 02 how to knit stitches, click on the links to read first. Bind off a project Once you’ve finished your project, you will need to cast it off in order to get it off your needles without it falling apart. Here isContinue reading “Learn How to Knit. Part 3: Binding off a project”

Learn how to knit. Part 2: The knit stitch. (with pictures and video!)

To read part one of this tutorial on how to cast stitches, click here.   The knit stitch (k)   In part two of this tutorial on how to knit, you will learn The Knit Stitch. The Knit Stitch is the basis of knitting, of course. In patterns you will see it represented with aContinue reading “Learn how to knit. Part 2: The knit stitch. (with pictures and video!)”

Bumblebee Knit Hat – Free Knitting Pattern

This hat is knit in the round, if you have never knit in the round, I recommend using the magic loop technique. I specially like knitting in the round because there are no seams and therefore nothing to sew together, but it also gives it a cleaner look. Plus, with circular needles, your project always stays together, which works great for knitting on the run, if you like me find some knitting time in your commute.

Learn how to knit. Part 1: Casting on. (with pictures and video!)

Hello world! It’s exciting to start a new blog, but even more exciting to use it for helping you achieve what I did myself: teaching yourself how to knit. As a kid, I’d watch my aunts and grandmother crochet, and I knew knitting involved a sort of wooden sticks, but both crafts seemed too mysteriousContinue reading “Learn how to knit. Part 1: Casting on. (with pictures and video!)”