Everything I Made In 2021! (and plans for 2022)

It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by, and here we are again, in the same spot we were last year. Sort of.

Well that’s a lie, I definitely am in a different spot. During this ongoing-already-two-year-old pandemic, I’ve found different ways to keep occupied. One of them was teaching myself (literally all on my own) to sew, and starting to sew from vintage patterns. I’m still kind of blown away that I managed to do an alright job with that.

I also found myself doing really silly videos and actually posting them not only on Instagram but also on Tik Tok. There isn’t any camera shyness for me anymore. And in my personal life, I actually had a lot of changes, I managed to get through another year still living in the city and not escaping somewhere else. I got a new job, which is always a crazy transition. I had the opportunity to go see shows again to dine out again, and we are back inside… again.

Now, when it comes to knitting, and in general making, I definitely did not slow down. I actually was surprised once I looked at the actual list of things together at how much I manage to get done in a year. This is why I love making these videos, it’s nice to look at the progress you have made as a maker, even if it means you learned one new stitch only, it’s important to keep perspective and to still enjoy what you are doing with your time

Anyway! I get ranty enough in the video to do it here, so that’s all for preambles. Here is my now traditional end of year review video.

I do hope you enjoy these videos, I’d like to hear about what YOU are making, what were you really proud of in the past year? What would you make again? What would you NEVER make again? Let me know in the comments and happy making!

Published by Magali

I'm a knitter, crocheter, maker, animator, wife. I live in a big messy city and making things has become a passion that brings me to explore it more, meet people who enjoy it too, and have something fun to do while I commute too! I love to share my designs and tutorials to make it easy for more people to join the craft(s).

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