Midtown Fingerless Mittens – Knitting Pattern

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I have to say, I love functional design. I wanted to design a new pair of fingerless mittens, that would allow me to fold them out to be warmer but still have easy access to my fingers. You might have seen my other fingerless glove pattern, where I include a top that can be pulled back. This time I wanted something even easier to access and elegant.

The ribbing design makes them super stretchy but also very cozy. Whenever I start designing something that is conceptually simple I always end up kicking myself and realizing writing designs is never easy or simple. Anyway, by the time this design was written and tested… the summer was about to start!

So I decided to wait a little bit before and I’m glad I did! Now that the weather is cooling down a little, and we are getting ready for the fall, these mittens come back as the perfect solution


These mittens are knitted in a 2×2 rib pattern, starting from the bottom of the cuff and working your way up until you create increases for the thumb and separate.

This simple design makes it very easy to customize the length of the cuff, the length of the thumb and of the hand that folds in. It makes a great and warm holiday gift that will fit just about anyone!

Because of the stretchiness of this pattern, there is only one size and it’s unisex. It can fit hand circumferences from 6 inches to 8.5 inches.


Once more, I used one of my favorite worsted yarns to create this pattern. Of course, I’m talking about Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks. I’ve used it many times in other projects and I usually always have a few skeins in my stash and that’s all you need to make a pair.

This beautiful and rich red is called Garnet Heather, and you will need about 200 yards or 2 skeins of Wool of the Andes. The yarn is spun from Peruvian wool and comes in so many colors, you can make it any which way you want. It’s also a very economic yarn while you still get the benefit of wool! If you have a wool allergy and have to use synthetic, just make sure you make a gauge swatch!

These beautiful mittens were made by my friend @knitandgrace

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