Stash Buster Headband – Free Knitting Pattern

I’ve had short hair for the past 10 years at least. People always ask me when I’m growing it back, as if having short hair was just a phase. I think after 10 years it’s staying short! And one of the things that I love wearing the most with short hair is hairbands!

I love how hairbands are a quick, easy project that you will be wearing all the time. They are super cute and no matter if your hair is long or short, they can keep it in place when you are active, help with a bad hair day, or just to add a cute detail to your outfit. Once you start making hairbands, it’s hard to stop!

Find the free pattern below!


Knit in the round to create a slightly thicker and more durable hairband. It’s an easy knit, the kind that you can do mindlessly while watching Netflix or commuting (my two favorite ways to make easy knits) Still, it works pretty fast and although it’s designed for fingering weight yarn, it’s very easy to substitute with any yarn you have in your stash that you think would make a cute hair style!


The idea of this pattern is to use up your stash yarn, in this case sock yarn or fingering weight yarn. This creates a thinner but colorful and comfy hairband to wear all summer (or all year long)

I used beautiful indie dyed sock yarn I got on a trip to Canada last winter. It was leftover from a colorful pair of socks I made. The yarn I used is Sexy Nerd from Feisty fibres, check them out!

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  • 1 Skein of leftover fingering weight yarn.
  • Circular Needles US 1 (2.25 mm)
  • Yarn needle

Abbreviations (US terms):

K – knit

P – purl

Rpt – repeat

PM – Place marker

St(s) – stitch(es)


16 stitches, 18 rows – 4’ inches (10 cms)

Gauge is not too important, as long as it fits your head


Adult: to fit head 20-22 inches circumference


Cast on 40 stitches with 2.5mm needle.

Join in the round and pm

Knit every stitch in the round, every row.

You will be creating a long round band.

Continue until band measures 18 inches.

Try on head, it should be snug as the band will expand when you wear it. If you need it to be longer, continue knitting and try it on again until it’s a length that fits you best.

Cast off.

Lay the band flat and twist it once, before joining both ends with the mattress stitch, using a yarn needle.

Wear your stylish handmade hairband!

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