Manhattan Magic Mittens – Knitted version!

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In February 2019, I published my crochet pattern the Manhattan Magic Mittens

And they have indeed been magical! They are one of my most popular pattern, and I assume it’s because of the same reason I wanted to make them in the first place: they are useful, versatile and easy to make. To be able to keep your hands warm while also quickly access your phone or other stuff in your pocket is a plus!

This is for all of you instagram scrollers, cold hand sufferers, knitting lovers!


I have found a few fingerless mittens patterns before, but I always wanted to make a pair of gloves that had individual fingers AND could transform into mittens.

These mittens are designed to follow the shape of your hand and cover your thumb completely, but leave individual fingers with cut off tops for easy access to phone and better grip.

And because it’s doubled layer at the hand when you put the flip top on, it is sooo warm.

Don’t forget to add a button at the cuff of the glove to keep your mitten top secure and easily convert it back and keep your fingers toasty.

The pattern works really fast, so you can have several pairs of these mittens ready for the holidays if you start now!


I use worsted yarn for this pattern, and if fact I tried. togo through my stash and use up as much yarn as i could for these. They gray mittens in the picture below are knitted in leftover Lion Brand Yarn Mandala yarn

Download the inexpensive PDF version of this pattern in my Etsy shop and my Ravelry shop!

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