The Easy Breezy Cardigan – Free Crochet Pattern

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In a city with a crazy weather where one moment it can be sunny and perfect and the next it can literally rain on your parade, layers are key. It also doesn’t help when you work in an office that’s always freezing, but the weather outside is too hot to even walk to the subway.

Or sometimes you swear it was going to be a cold day but suddenly the sun comes out and now you’re sweating under your coat.

Enter this cardigan. It’s the perfect transition garment and it’s also a breeze to make and to adapt to the size you want. you can make it shorter or longer depending on how you prefer it and throw it on quickly before leaving the apartment without carrying a big coat with you.

This is my first garment pattern and I wear it so much I decided to share it with you!


This cardigan was built by crocheting two long panels that are then sewn together in the middle and on the sides to create wholes for the arms. Then, from those wholes the sleeves are added. I crocheted an edge around the lapel to give it a nicer finish.

It includes a simple shell pattern that creates those nice holes that make it so breezy and nice looking!

And did I mention pocket? I always want everything to have pockets, but seriously who doesn’t need a pocket?! This one only has one on the right side, but you can go ahead and add two if you’re more of a two-pocket-person. You can never have too many pockets.


I loved this yarn, this is the first time I used Lion Brand’s ZZ twist yarn and I fell in love with it. It’s really soft to the touch and it creates very defined stitches. And don’t get me started on the color. I have a special weakness for blue and aquamarine tones but this peacock color is bright and elegant at the same time, I wouldn’t usually have thought of a color like this in my closet but it has added that pop of color to my outfits (specially in a city that gravitates towards neutrals and blacks)

Find the free pattern below!

Download the inexpensive PDF version of this pattern in my Etsy shop.

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  • Crochet hoot 4.0 mm (size G)
  • Yarn needle

Chain – ch
Single crochet – sc
Double crochet – dc
Repeat – rep
Skip – sk
Stitch(es) – st(s)


Size Chart:






Chest (inches)






Chest (cms)






Length (inches)






Length (cms)






If you want to adjust sizing, to add or remove multiples of 3 to the chain foundation to make it wider.

For length adjustments, add rows to your panels.

Follow the correct measurement on the pattern as follows:


For reference, model is 5’5” and is wearing size M


6 shells – 10 rows = 4 inches


This cardigan is made out of two rectangles sewn together and then by adding sleeves and pocket.

Ch 3 count as dc throughout


Panel – Make 2

Ch 42 (48, 54, 57, 63) (or use a multiple of 3 for custom width)

Row 1 – Ch 3 (counts as dc) Dc in each st.

Row 2 (Shell pattern) – Ch 3, dc in next st. *Sk 2, 3 dc in next st. Rep from * until 4 st are left. Sk 2, Dc in last 2.

Repeat Row 2 until you reach row 85 (94, 99, 103, 112).
(Add more rows for a longer cardigan.)

Last Row – Dc in every st.

Make second panel.

Lay both panels next to each other. Sew together using yarn needle by the middle. About 33 (37, 40, 42, 46) sts.

Fold panels in half, front facing up. Front will be longer to leave space for shoulders.

Sew together the sides leaving a 6 inch space for the armholes.

Finishing: Dc in every st along inner edge of cardigan.

Sleeves – make 2

Pick up sts around armhole, sc every st.

Row 1 – Ch 3, dc in next st. *Sk 2, 3 dc in next st. Rep from * until 4 st are left. Sk 2, dc in last 2.

Row 2 to Row 9 – Rep Row 1

Row 10: Ch 3, sk 1 dc 2 in next st * sk 2 dc 3 in next st rep from * before last 4 st. Sk 1 dc 2 sk last st.

Row 11 – Ch 3, sk 1 dc 1 * sk 2 dc 3 in next st, rep from * until last 4 sts. Sk 2 dc1, sk 1. Start next row leaving the space for that skipped st
These last two arrows are your decrease.
Row 12 to 16 – Rep Row 1

Row 17 – Rep Row 10

Row 18 – Rep Row 11

Row 19 to 24 – Rep Row 1

Row 25 – Rep Row 10

Row 26 – Rep Row 11

Row 27 to 35 – Rep Row 1.

Add more rows here if you want longer sleeves.

Row 36 – Dc in every st.

Make second sleeve.

Pocket – Make 1 (or 2 if preferred)

Chain 24

Row 1 – Dc in every st.

Row 2 – Ch 3, dc in next st. *Sk 2, 3 dc in next st. Rep from * until 4 st are left. Sk 2 dc in last 2.

Row 3 to 13 repeat Row 2

Row 14 – Dc in every st.

Sew pocket on the front of one panel, about 2 inches above the bottom.

Weave all ends

Find the printable PDF version of this pattern in my Etsy shop.

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