Mini Christmas Tree Skirt for Tiny Apartments – Free Crochet Pattern

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Who says one can’t have a Christmas tree in a one bedroom apartment?
Christmas in New York City is always a magical yet crazy time. Even when it’s really chilly out there is a certain *something* in the air that feels different. Maybe the roasted nuts from the street vendors, and the Christmas trees sold outside the flower shops and pop up holiday markets. The darkness of winter illuminated by a multiplied number of lights in every street. Or the early snow showing up unannounced. Whatever it is, it never fails to make me feel romantic about the holidays, even the years that I’m more grinch-y.
It was my first Christmas in the city that I noticed the tiny little trees. I wasn’t used to them, growing up we always had a big bushy artificial tree in our house. But I fell in love with them, and I kept seeing them everywhere. So I decided to finally get one, even in my days of surviving as a broke student. Once I quickly trimmed up that first tiny tree, I was completely sold on the tiny christmas tree idea. So every year, my husband goes in search for the perfect tiny tree that will fit in our small New York apartment, sitting proudly on a shelf.
I’ve found now that there are a lot of benefits of having a small tree rather than the traditional size. For once, it’s really easy and fast to decorate. In a city where most people don’t actually own cars, it’s also a hassle to get a big tree from the market to your living room. A small tree fits neatly next to you in the subway. And of course there is the space issue. I wouldn’t mind owning an artificial tree as it would definitely save us money, but with limited closet space one has to give priority to other things that won’t stay in a box for 11 months of the year. All in all, I’m really happy with the tiny tree now, and it rather warms my heart when it sits there in a corner of our apartment, lighting up our hearts with some holiday cheer.

I usually get caught up in other projects and never have time to make something for decorating the place a bit.  Christmas swoops in and I’m trying to make all the holiday gifts, so decorating comes second. But this year, I prepared, and this tiny boobbled christmas tree skirt worked out fast, just in time for the celebrations! You’ll notice in my pictures too that our tree is Doctor Who themed. It all comes together in harmony, our two seemingly unrelated loves for time travel and handmade goodies.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Our tiny tree in all its crochet and Doctor Who glory


The skirt is worked in an hexagon rather than a circle, to create a shape that would have a better drape around the table it sits, since I rarely will put it on the floor. It works by adding increases on the corners of the hexagon every row.
Then we have bobbles! This is the first pattern I designed using bobbles, as I wanted to bring some literal pop into the tree skirt, without adding more colors. Although I think if you’d like to add colors, a good alternative is to alternate them between the bobbles and the dc rows. The bobbles give it a playful look and are super easy to create.
If you don’t know how to crochet bobbles, find my easy-to-follow bobble tutorial with pictures here
This design works up really fast, so you still have plenty of time to make one before Christmas is here!
If you want to create a longer skirt for a normal sized tree, you can simply continue adding rows in a similar fashion until you achieve the length you want. You may also stop at earlier rows if you find that you’d prefer a shorter tree skirt.
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You can use any type of acrylic worsted/medium weight yarn to create this skirt (it’s the perfect opportunity to dig in your yarn stash!)
I recommend using Pound of Love from Lion Brand Yarn in Antique White, you will have enough yarn to also create an I-cord to decorate your tree!
Find the free pattern below!

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  • 1 Skein of Lion Brand Pound of Love in Antique white or desired color OR  at least 260 yds (245 m) of worsted/medium acrylic yarn
  • Yarn needle


Chain – ch
Single crochet – sc
Double crochet – dc
Repeat – rep
Skip – sk
Stitch(es) – st(s)

12 sts, 5 rows in dc – 4 inches (10 cms)
Not strictly necessary to adhere to gauge.
Follow this bobble tutorial to crochet the bobbles on this pattern.

Ch 3 counts as dc throughout

Final measurements:
21 inches (53 cm) in diameter
Inner opening 2.5 inches (7.5 cm) diameter

Pattern begins here:

Ch 18
Row 1: Ch3, dc in second st from ch3, dc 3 into next st, * dc 2, dc3 into next st.  rep from * 4 more times, dc 2 = 28 sts
Row 2:  ch3, dc1, bo1, dc 2, dc 3 into next st, * dc 1, bo1, dc 2, dc 3 into next st. rep from * 3 more times. Dc 1, bo1, dc 1 = 38 sts.
Row 3: ch3. dc 4, dc 3 into next st, * dc 6, dc 3 in next st. rep from * 4 more times =  48 sts.
Row 4: ch 3, dc 1, bo, dc1, dc 3 into next s. *dc 1 bo1, dc 4, bo1, dc 1, dc 3 into next st. rep from * 3 more times. bo, dc3, bo1, dc2.  = 58 sts
Row 5: ch3, dc 5, dc3 into next st, *dc10, dc3 into next st. rep from * 3 more  times , dc 6 times. = 68 sts.
Row 6: ch3, dc1, bo1 , dc4, bo1, dc1, dc 3 into next st, *(bo1 dc4) 3 times, dc3 into next st. rep from * 4 times. dc 3, bo1, dc2. = 78 sts
Row 7: ch3, dc7, dc3 into next st,*dc14, dc3 into next st. rep from * 3 more times. dc9 = 88 sts
Row8: ch3, dc1, bo1, dc5, bo1, dc2, dc3 into next st, * (bo1, dc4) 3 times, dc3 into next st. rep rom * 3 more times, bo1, dc4, bo1, dc2  = 98 sts
Row 9: ch 3, dc9, dc 3 into next st,* dc 18, dc 3 into next st. rep from * 3 more times. Dc 11 = 108 sts
Row 10: ch3, dc 1, bo1, dc6, bo1, dc3, dc3 into next st. * (bo1, dc4) 3 times, bo 1, dc 3, bo1,  dc 3 in next st . rep from * 3 more times. bo1, dc5, bo1, dc2. = 118 sts.
Row 11: ch3, dc11, dc 3 in next st, *dc22, dc 3 in next st. rep from * 3 more times. dc 13 = 128 sts
Row 12: ch3, dc1, bo1, dc6, bo1, dc3, dc3 into next st,*(bo1, dc 4) 5 times, dc 3 into next st. rep from * 3 more times. dc2, bo1, dc5, bo1, dc2. = 138 sts.
Row 13: ch3, dc 13, dc3 into next st, *dc 26, dc 3 into next st. rep from * 3 more times, dc 15. = 148 sts
Row 14: ch3 dc 13, dc 3 into next st,* dc 28, dc 3 into next st, rep from * 3 times. dc 17. = 158 sts
Continue along the side to create strings to be able to tie the skirt into place.
Row 15. Turn, sc 2 in same st, (sc 9, ch 20, sl st back around the chain ) 3 times. Cut yarn.
Attach yarn with a sl st on the other side by the end of the skirt. Repeat last row.
Weave in all ends.

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5 thoughts on “Mini Christmas Tree Skirt for Tiny Apartments – Free Crochet Pattern

  1. I’m not getting on how to read your pattern I could use some help please. Do I dc crochet in 2st and the put 3 dc cr in one stitch??


  2. I’ve tried reading this pattern there’s no way you have abbreviations and you don’t tell what they are and I’ve crochet for a long time very disappointed 😔 I really wanted to try this pattern


  3. I don’t understand your instructions. When are you moving to another stitch. I think your pattern is really cute and I would like to make it for my 🌳tree. I just need to understand your instructions better please.


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